Infinite Gods Defense Circle

Izzy: Heroin, Student, Singer
Superhero Name: Iset
Power: The energy flow over her suit provides a negative void enabling flight. She has an energy shield that emanates for her pineal gland.  Concentrated magnetic energy converges in her palms that she can then throw.
Premonition: Vivid dreams of what is to come
Weapons: Magnetic shaft that laser light focuses her energy
Tools: HUD Energy Mapper created by Shea, Quantum Time Travel

Character 05 Herald

Herald: Izzy's Best Friend
Superhero Name: Ogun
Power: Heat
Weapon: Heat Ray, Melts with a touch

Character 01 Shea

Shea: Nerdy Tech Guy
Superhero Name: “Aten”
Power: Light and Invisibility
Weapons: Martial Arts

Trick: The Vigilante
Power: Quantum Science
Weapon: Genetic Network

Character 02 Nicho

Nicho: Ladies Man, Cop
Superhero Name: Soko
Power: Speed
Weapon: Kinetic Redirecting

Character 03 Demo

Demo: Music Producer
Superhero Name: Montu - Falcon God of War
Power: Martial Arts, Flight
Weapon: Talons

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