Individuality’s Role in We The People During the Evolution

This experiment called America will wither like dried fruit on the branches of evolution if we do not render extinct our various isms, such as race, sex and class with the persistent, creative and disciplined expressions of our unique individualities.

Let me put forth a theory – With more and more people coming into alignment with the concept of taking on the challenges of racism, sexism, poverty, etc. as an imperative I see way too often woke folk spending an inordinate amount of energy taking down other forward-thinking individuals. The focus on infighting among the sojuwa (Social Justice Warriors) tribe mates is bothersome at a minimum and highly counterproductive at its worse.

The first and obvious reason is the current cadre of wealth and power hoarders love this. It shows them that we the people are still too busy fighting among ourselves to be a threat to the current power structure.

Second, know that advocacy is a discipline and every discipline needs practice. Listen, when the karate kid had to slap water to strengthen his hands, it’s important to note during the process how angry, frustrated and resentful he was about the training. He considered the process silly and beneath him. He considered the process ridiculous. But over time the repetitions not only strengthened his hands but focused his strike, developed his emotional maturity and most importantly honed his unique fighting style.

I submit to you engaging those whose stance on social issues that are different than your own, not from a place of anger, impatience or ridicule but rather from a place of persistent, creative discipline is the equivalent of slapping the water. And, as any high performing practitioner knows repetition is the mother of skill. Yes, it is in engaging others whose stance may not line up 100% with our own is where we strengthen our positions, focus our strike, grow emotionally and hone your unique individuality.

Now, I like you have no desire to waste my time arguing with cultural cowards and social Neanderthals, that is not what I am advocating. Allow nature to do her thing on the fear class, the war class and the oligarch sympathizers. But engaging and supporting or at least not tearing down folks who may have what you consider imperfections in their walk is not just nice but essential for this nation to evolve.

So why is this concept essential for America to evolve? My, your, our growth actually happens in the areas where our respective stances overlap. That my ability to affect change in social evolution overlaps in some ways with your desire to affect change in women’s rights, and his desire to enable change in inclusive prosperity, and so on? That the practice of working together where we overlap and being ok where we do not make us stronger, our individual resolve hardened. Just as a cellist masters her role, and the percussionist masters his role, and the conductor masters her role, we together produce a masterpiece.

So, if you understand that, let me nail down and expand on the concept of power in our collective individuality. Why did the universal energy that became consciousness become an I am, and not just a we are? You follow me? So, in other words imagine consciousness prior to humans was a globule of understanding but without the concept of individuality. A myriad of synaptic connections in one mass. Why did evolution determine that consciousness shouldn’t become or remain a singular but rather a whole bunch of us? An imperfect, messy, cruel mass of self-centeredness. Well if you observe nature we can see the answer quite clearly. Evolution requires a constant source of new and different stuff. Just like in the primordial ooze in which humanity squirted from, the most efficient source of new solutions and considerations is an oozing mass of potential called humanity, without which, consciousness, likely would have been rendered extinct millennia ago.

Why is this concept important to internalize? Because the America that we are becoming, in the new era is a nation that is reaping the benefits of unapologetically embracing innovative solutions to our social ills. Railing against the machine is a massive waste of time and energy. Why because what you resist persist. Certainly, sometimes a stand in resistance to those who want to codify fear, hate and scarcity into law or make it our social norm is an effective and necessary role to play. These groups and individuals should receive our full support. But know that when you’re just standing you are not moving forward on love. Instead we out think, out innovate, outperform fear and hate. We have an opportunity to lay the foundation of an America that doesn’t tamp down the creative energy of its citizens with burdensome laws and business practices which all but kill opportunities for individuals and communities to benefit from. Perhaps HUG is ushering in an America that considers otherly not something to feel threatened by but rather as potential sparks of collaborative greatness.

It is your unique skills, style and emphasis, your unique backstory is what makes your cause interesting and worthy of garnering momentum; momentum a life force in action. And I submit, that is exactly what HUG (History, the Universe or God, whichever you prefer to acknowledge) is demanding of us. Not another glimmering leader, but rather, each of us connecting, uncovering and lifting the leadership abilities of each person so that they may shine, and we, can radiate, together.

Let me know if you’d like to see this Radiate Together art available on a tshirt, mug or shell by sharing this piece. When we reach 500 shares I can go ahead and post this piee in our teespring account. This is Kaos of IG from the front line of the evolution, throwing shine

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