Our Purpose

At the not-so-tender age of twelve I witnessed something that bitch slapped my reality. Already accustomed to the drum beat of negative news, a segment where some kids where killed hit me hard. Even then I knew this was reflective of who we are as a community. Shocked, I remember thinking if we continue down this path innocence itself will become the enemy. Decades later not only has innocence become the enemy, but truth is a lie and fear our lord.

The journey that is Infinite Gods is for people of courage to see that the steady-state condition of the universe is the expansion of love. In the evolution of a nation what we’re trudging through is the predictable metamorphosis of a jacked up social construct; the fear state coming to an end.

But, even among wake AF folks there is a universal battle emerging.

  1. Do those who carry the weight of the fear state respond to its lethality in kind?
  2. From within the belly of the fear state is turning humanity back to good even possible?
  3. Or, do we stand back and watch fear state burn itself to the ground and then work towards having an evolved social construct rise from the ashes? A construct based on Authentic Democracy, Inclusive Prosperity and Institutional Dignity.

Infinite Gods, the graphic novel chronicles the journey when a small group of 20’ somethings come to realize that the moment the marching of History, the ebb of the Universe or the edicts of God says it’s time to evolve is just the beginning of a of a breathtaking journey.

Welcome to the front lines of the evolution. Come in, and discover if in this Prometheus meets Dead Presidents themed story this crew will come to realize that we are all Infinite Gods?

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