The Dignity Rising Manifesto, The Evolution is Now

Democracy, one on the greatest social experiments in human history will live or die based on the actions we take today. If you make a list of all the craziness that is going wrong in our nation right now, from
• Toxic leadership
• Wealth hoarding
• Rise of the police state
• Cowboy militarism and
• Fear culture becoming our national identity
you would say we are headed in a tragically wrong direction, and I would respond with although all these conditions are true you are WRONG we are headed in the absolute right direction, let me explain. What we are currently experiencing is the rapid self-destruction of greed-based social constructs like disingenuous government, war profiteering, patriarchal leadership, corporate control, and cultural cowardliness and THIS, is a good thing. These dysfunctional systems are literally collapsing before our very eyes, under the weight of their own hypocrisy. Yes, I am suggesting to you, we are immersed in an amazing moment in US history. One where we can languish and exponentially increase the rate of our own demise or push through the carnage to build a bold new future.

You see whatever your faith, just as there are laws that govern the physical world, i.e. the laws of relativity there are also laws of metaphysics, spirituality or cosmic energy that influence our collective consciousness. These laws have been and continue to be the underpinnings of most religions and go by names such as parables, karma or laws of probability. One such law that is forcing the hand of humanity right now is the law of growth; i.e. breakdown always proceeds a break through.

From the Boston tea party to the emancipation, from the civil rights movement to today, dignity rising America has always been an experiment in freedom and on this day, we are still evolving. Hence, the reality is we are struggling in all areas because we are trying to cling to an old belief that the universe says it’s time to evolve past. That belief is the social construct of exceptionalism. The notion that over 14 billion years or cosmic evolution, among hundreds of billions of planets, from thousands of tribes that history, the universe or God has chosen a specific group of folks as somehow worthy to be above all other people and nature. What is holding us back is those who cling to this defunct concept; exceptionalism, are singularly focused on one thing, preserving this narrow world view.

So, what is it that is being demanded of us by history, the universe or god? How do we play to win? By building a new social construct that will carry America into her future. And that construct is authentic, inclusive dignity.

Dignity for all people and nature. Dignity not fear in policing, justice, health care, business, politics and even our foreign policies. Dignity not fear as the basis for our social construct. Dignity preserved in our laws and the unwavering part of who we are as a people. You see at the core of each of America’s distinct cultural and social tribes is a desire to live a life of safety and relevancy. And here is where each tribe’s passion overlaps, this demand for dignity is where we must place our efforts politically, economically and personally to point America back towards her initial tenets of freedom and equality.
So, what do we do in this moment of national transformation? If we understand that nature abhors a vacuum know that in every instance where there’s an absence of authentic democracy, an absence of inclusive prosperity or an absence of institutional dignity nature will allow fear, separation and scarcity to takes its place. So conscious people know true leadership moves to build communities not one’s ego. True leadership embraces authenticity not dogma, and true leadership celebrates diverse voices not tamp them down.

Woke folk MUST divest from people and institutions whose mission are to hoard wealth and power and instead invest personally and professionally in our diverse communities. Further, we must reject all notions that America can evolve building on the current greed and fear social construct. Instead allow these obsolete institutions to collapse under the weight of their own hypocrisy and replace the with authentic, inclusive dignity.

When nature says it is time to evolve, everything you do, we do in the old construct will fail. The universe will no longer support it in any way. So, imagine a world were again, dignity for all people and nature is our most cherished belief and let’s set about building this reality together.

So, what do you think IG tribe mates? Do you agree the increase in strife is the universe telling us it is time to evolve? Let me know what you think below. If you find this rant interesting, please like and share. This is Kaos throwing shine! I’m going in!

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