Kaos Theory – Take a Knee America

Take a Knee Amrica


In the eve of this corona thing if the federal government had of come out and say listen were gonna take a knee as a nation for 90 days. We are asking all our sister nations to take a knee as well. Where gonna have a moratorium on rent and mortgages for 90 days. A 90 stimulus for necessities a PPE assessment and role out.

If we had, if they had a done that they, if, our leader had done that people would been better positioned mentally and emotionally, to take on this thing so it’s been a failure all the way from top.

This piece meal is going to be more expensive to people and business because nobody knows what’s next. Y’know, so get back to work is not this pristine place, where everyone is marching down the street like there in Disney land or something like that.

The biggest part for me, this is a reflection of who, the character of a nation, where you can’t do this for 90 days? You can’t take a knee? In a never before recorded in written history hit on the human species, international pandemic? Really?

I be honest with you, when I see those folks marching up and down the streets, I see character issues and a lack of leadership. What do you think?

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