KT – thriving in chaos

I have to admit something. I have a natural tendency to jump into the middle of the mayhem. In my life I’ve owned business amidst several economic booms and busts, operated a logistics firm in post natural disasters and served as a military pilot in a war zone to name a few. These experiences have taught me a lot about the cleansing and renewal effect of social upheavals. I have also spent more time than I wanted in safe and predictable spaces and I gotta admit. Chaos is where I feel I serve others best. It’s where I feel validated, where I am at home AND where I can have fun illuminating the way through for my peeps. Hence why my friends have anointed me with the nick name, Kaos!

I share this with you to let you know even in our current state of absolute chaos, what with the global climate disaster, sociopath as president, demolition of our democracy, institutional attacks on black bodies, breakdown of justice, etc, etc there are still universal rules at play. The most relevant one being where there’s chaos, there’s opportunity. Dare I say, your opportunity.

So here ya go you bad ass, eight must haves to thrive in chaos and rise like a phoenix from the fire.

1.     Return to your core values: Amid the chaos you need to know who you are and what you stand for two reasons, 1) Your core values can illuminate who you should serve. 2) Success is often birthed from what you are not willing to do; in other words when you put your foot down. 

There will be slick people and enticing opportunities that come about to test you. Do not, I repeat DO NOT step to anything that goes against your core values. When the universe sees your commitment, she will reveal the next key.

2.     Be a great listener: Listen to what people are frustrated about, upset about. Here is the best place to find how to be of service.

3.     Love yourself: In your quest to serve get rid of the thought that you must give away your value for free. Believe that you can do well and good at the same time. In your mission to serve you will be of little good if you lack the energy or resources to stay in the game. #MakeYoMoney!

4.     Accountability: Hold yourself accountable for achieving your weekly and monthly goals. Many a magnificent leader will never see the light of day because they did not make the distinction between working on a vision and getting ish done. There are several apps available to help you with project tracking and progress.

5.     Be team: Find mentors and fans who would love to get caught up in your momentum. Your momentum is your life energy in motion. It encapsulates not only your vision but the hopes of the people whom you serve.

6.     Be a visionary: Each morning before you do anything meditate on your vision. This way when exhaustion, disillusionment or despair attempts to cloud your progress or confuse your mind, you’ve already been doing the mental reps to pull yourself through.

7.     Have a light heart: There will be enough people saying you can’t do this, that won’t work or your just plain crazy. Listen for insight, because nay-sayers if nothing are good at seeing your flaws. But, take what is helpful and throw the rest away. Smile at challenges and laugh at your failures.

8.     Manage your energy: Know you are the one people will look to for hope and inspiration, if not you personally, certainly your inspiring work. Which means you do not get to descend into your own b.s. with pity parties, lack of clarity, doubt and playing small. Be the pragmatic optimist.


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