Kaos Theory – Shut up n Create
Greta Speaks
Shut up n Create

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When you have that unproductive negative vibe of feeling overwhelmed or inconsequential creeping in your soul, just say to yourself “shut up and create.” What I mean by that is work on that idea that you had in your head. That idea you are going to do someday. Do it now. Now because even if the project isn’t aligned 100% with your new vision there are still benefits happening in your head space;

  1. Your reducing cortisol, the stress hormone
  2. You’re actually filling your head with expansion energy as opposed to contraction, and
  3. You’re doing mental reps strengthening your emotional resilience.

How cool is that?

This is my shut up and create for today. I’ve wanted to do something with Greta for a while but had no idea what. So, I just started drawing and this is what came out. I hope you like it. If it gets 500 likes I will make it available in my store as a print.

[check it] Watch my rant on Youtube as I illustrated this Greta Speaks Poster Art. #1 dollar of each item sold will be donated to an environmental non-profit. Previous Gives > LINK

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